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DiceBook screen shot

Turn your iPad into the perfect game aid

Roll dice inside your game books!

DiceBook combines PDF reader and dice rolling. It’s the ideal accessory for roleplaying games. No need to switch apps!

  • Customizable — set up the dice you use every day
  • Make one-off rolls
  • Keeps track of your recent rolls
  • Carry any number of sourcebooks and dice
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Bookmark important sections
  • Roll FUDGE dice (or any size from d2 – d1000)
iOS 9’s support for Slide Over and Split View make DiceBook unnecessary. We’re removed it from the App Store, although you can still reinstall it if you purchased the app.
DiceBook screen shot
DiceBook screen shot


  • “A solid and fast PDF viewing application. … If you use your iPad at the gaming table, you definitely should check this app out, you won’t be disappointed.” — Michael Wolf
  • “For ordinary day-to-day PDF viewing, it may be the best iPad reader yet.” — Chris Meadows
  • “You will find many times at the game table when DiceBook is the right tool for the job.” — Jeremy Keller
Our users say:
  • “All RQ / HQ players with an iPad should have it, and all RPG players, in fact!” — Erio
  • “It’s exactly what I wanted at my table since one of the reasons I originally bought my iPad was to eliminate having to carry all my books around with me.” — MJ
  • “I’m really enjoying your app. I think you guys did a nice job on it - and frankly, your dice roller is better than a lot of dedicated rollers.” — Marc
  • “In a world where RPGs can be really expensive, DiceBook is certainly worth $2.”
  • “It’s awesome! A great idea in a slick package.” — Brad Murray
  • “By far the most pleasant of the PDF readers I’ve looked at.” — Bruce Baugh
DiceBook is a trademark of A Sharp, LLC.

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