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Match wits with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Use logic, strategy, and luck to take over the board!

You and your iPhone (or another player) take turns placing tiles, which must fit as if in a jigsaw puzzle. When you match symbols, you capture the other player’s tiles. The winner has the most captured tiles when the board is full.

  • Play against iPhone or another person
  • Choose difficulty level
  • Games are short, but challenging and unpredictable
  • Customizable tile colors
  • A true original
  • May be addictive!
Jigami 2 player screen shot Only $0.99 in the App Store! (Disponible aussi en franšais.)


  • “Tactically enjoyable puzzle play” — Emily Short
Our players say:
  • “Easy to learn, simple instructions, a lot of fun. Adictive — in a good way.” — Mike Morton
  • “Maddeningly addictive.” — Peter Cohen
  • “I just got Jigami, and it’s driving me crazy. In a good way. Great game!” — John Hughes
  • “While I was in the hospital recuperating from a multiple open fracture, your game kept me sane and amused.” — Alexander Mah
  • “I like the fact that it tests both your spatial thinking and ability to look ahead. It’s loads of fun and I am totally hooked!” — Chris Blackwell
Jigami is a trademark of A Sharp, LLC.

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